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Notes from 6/22/11 working meeting (John Lewis and Phil Sisson):

D R A F T - KM Curriculum CoP Facilatior Expectations
  • Lead the CoP in answering the 2011 question(s)and delivering “products” this year
    1. Get the CoP moving; recruit an initial core team
    2. If necessary, personally develop candidate amplifying questions and a straw-man list of products
    3. Encourage a broad investigation and participation
    4. Have the CoP develop a main page (index/sitemap) that provides an overview of the CoP’s work and accomplishments to members and visitors
    5. Help ensure a fair and friendly CoP sharing space
    6. Ensure minority views receive appropriate attention
    7. See an information baseline is established
    8. Work to move the CoP to a non-exclusive consensus
    9. Incorporate a place for minority opinions if appropriate
  • Arrange for reports or report on CoP status(possibly KMEF Tuesday Webinars)