Education/Training Needs for KM Specialties
Here's a suggested list of possible KM Specialties needed by practitioners, listed by proposed course number in two categories.

We research demand from our large certified KM cadre (3,700) and seek faculty, expert in these specialty areas, to create f2f and virtual workshops, and eventual self-paced learning 'e' courses for international distribution.

I apologize if some verbiage may be unfamiliar. I'm just attempting to give us a fast start, based on some existing material and research, though obviously associated with the KM Institute's practitioner cadre vs a more traditional academic cohort. Also, you will note these courses are pretty void of IT Architecture content. Since most of our graduates come from organizations with existing, very advanced IT capability, our practitioner focus is less on IT/info, than on people and process/knowledge.

We differentiate two categories - Generic Strategic Capabilities needed by the strategic KM Team or individual team members,
and specific skills closely associated with the type of KM implementation, which we call KM Bulls, as introduced in my KMEF Phase I 'Thought Leaders' Webinar.
I'm aware of our consensus definition of four types of KM Functions. In that context:
  1. strategic level functions - See Strategic Capabilities
  2. business-aligned functions - See Major KM Strategies
  3. specialized knowledge management functions - See Major KM Strategies
  4. universal functions- Not listed below, because these universal functions are included in the core KM Certification curriculum for KM Team (in KMEF defined as KM Workers) and in our KM Awareness Series™ for K Workers.

1. Strategic Capabilities - A Key Skill needed by KM Lead or a KM Team Member

KM410 – Certified KM Trainer™ – (KM Awareness Series™)
Certified to manage, facilitate and/or train all KM Awareness Series™ courses, in-house, using site-licensed courses & scripts, as part of requisite change mgt “Awareness Campaign” strategy.

KM420 - Change Management
How to plan and manage transformational change as part of a KM or other major, strategic Initiative in the K Age.

KM430 - KM Metrics
How to define, design, manage a measurement system - focuses on/tracks results for various KM Initiatives (KM Squirrels & Bulls).

KM435 - KM Methodology/ KMM™

Detailed study of KM Methodology and how to use the Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™ to evaluate present KM Maturity status (K Audit) and to prescribe a detailed way forward (KM Strategies).

KM440 - Executive Leadership in the K Age

Gain broad, practical mastery of key executive skills needed for performance, advancement in the K Age.

Gain Executive MBA in KM from the KM Institute

Gain full MBA from associated, accredited universities

2. Major KM Strategies - KM Team Member Skills–to be able to Successfully Implement a specific major KM Initiative (KM Bull)

KM450-Process Mgmt in K Age (“Connect & Collect”) -
Learn how to leverage KBases and collaboration in the K Age to greatly improve K sharing, codification, specifically focused on process performance

KM455 - Idea Mgmt Processes (Innovation)
Learn how to substantially increase creativity/ innovation in your organization–create useful new K to substantially improve ops

KM460 - Content Management

Learn how to manage K repositories - content & associated portal technologies – taxonomy, search engines, categorization, etc.

KM465 -Enrich Communities (CoPs)
Learn how to establish, enrich face-to-face and virtual communities to improve collaboration, innovation, and performance.

KM470 - Best Practices Mgmt Process (BPMP)

Learn how to plan/implement a BPMP for situations with large numbers of essentially identical operations needing learning and sharing of best and improved practices across these operations

KM475 – Rethink Learning (Perform Supp. and e-Learning)

Learn how to revolutionize learning in your organization and to focus on performance support. Leverage virtual learning delivery, and rapid courseware development of self-paced interactive video

KM480 - Personal KM for the K Age

Learn how to satisfy personal K and skill needs. Leverage K Age tools and techniques to enrich K Age attitudes and performance

KM485 - Lessons Learned Mgmt Process (LLMP)

Learn how to substantially improve complex project performance. Increase project mgmt skills and performance in K Age by learning throughout and across all projects-- before, during and after.

KM490 – Emerging KM Technology

Learn about sophisticated, emerging KM technologies such as the modern generation of expert systems, text analytics, etc. Learn how to improve K-intensive activities with such new technologies.

KM495 – Social Media

Learn about a specific emerging KM technology – Social Media, Learn how to improve K-intensive activities by leveraging S Media.

I hope this gives us a strawman to kick-start discussions. Submitted by Douglas Weidner